Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Print vs. Internet based marketing- What works best?

Time has changed but communication has generally stayed the same.  Of course the tools to communicate have greatly evolved through social media, web, and other forms of internet based marketing.  The question is what is working and who is it working for.  Depending on the industry and the market, a traditional print campaign can still hold great value but because of new trends in technology as well as online resources it’s hard to turn down any online marketing.  Where print can reach several thousand, the internet can reach several million at the same or lower cost to you, the business.  If your target audience is an older crowd that relies on traditional print material, then that’s a no brainer, and you should continue print marketing.  However, if your audience is focused around the 40 years or younger market, you may want to consider e-marketing.   E-marketing has transformed just about every industry you can think of.  As mentioned in my last post, the world is very competitive, and in order to compete, a company must have some sort of web presence.  Where 30 years ago, a small local pet store can successfully sell to local customers and always maintain a competitive edge because of the local connection. Now, because the internet is so large and open, a local shop can’t just compete against another small local shop but they also have to compete against large stores that sell products online at only a portion of the price compared to the local shops.  If you are a retailer or any form of business that sells a product or service, you should definitely utilize some internet based marketing opportunities.  A great way to start, if you don’t have one already, is to create a website so that you can advertise to your customer at all hours/days of the year.  Once you created a website you can start an e-marketing campaign.  If you’re on a very strict budget, consider entering into social media such as Facebok, Twitter, and Youtube.   They are free to use and can give you an opportunity to directly communicate to your customers as well as thousands of other people that may be interested in your service or product.  The best way to gain customers is to create a relationship/ connection that would spark customer loyalty and brand awareness.

In conclusion, print marketing can still be successful as long as you already know your target audience and where they look to find your product/service.  Internet marketing is the best form of marketing due to the vast amount of people on the internet and the potential for your company to reach/market to thousands or even millions of prospective customers.

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