Wednesday, December 14, 2011

What does your BRAND say?

How are you marketing your brand? If you’re not recognized based on what you actually offer, then you’re not successfully marketing your brand.  People associate a successful business or person by the amount of expertise they have.  If you lack expertise on what you’re offering, then your potential customers will associate your product or service to be generic or bland.  In order to market your brand you should first gain a following, that associates customer needs or wants, to what you have to offer.  A great tool to do this is Twitter.  You can gain an online following while introducing what you have to offer, expressing your ideas, products, and expertise.  Once people are able to acknowledge your expertise they gain trust and customer loyalty.  Of course, this is easier said than done.  Within the fine print, branding your product/service takes a long time that requires you to constantly talk to your audience and continue to keep them interested and engaged to what you have to offer.  So what do people say about your brand? If you think you don’t have a brand, what are people thinking when your name comes up? What do you want to be associated as? Are you the party goer, the forgetful friend, immature, etc.? Or are you the professional, leader, motivator, etc.  Which do you prefer to be associated with?  These are all questions to ask yourself once you figure out what your brand actually is.

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